Sessions and What to Expect


All sessions last 50 minutes. Please do be aware that if you are late arriving then we will still finish at the same time.

Sessions can be held as frequently as required, typically this is on a weekly or fortnightly basis and I would generally offer somewhere between 6-20 sessions. However, this may change depending on the problem that you are presenting with.  This will always be agreed between us. It is important to note that you can stop sessions at any time regardless of how many sessions we initially contracted.

Everything discussed within sessions is confidential, although I do have a duty of care to protect people from harm.

Initial session:

This is a chance for us to gain an understanding of your current difficulties and consider them within a CBT context. It is important for us to both consider whether we are happy to continue working together and if so, we will consider contracting to a number and frequency of sessions.

Treatment sessions:

The exact content of these sessions will depend upon the problem(s) presented. However, generally sessions would focus on helping you to understand your problem(s) and the cycle that emerges between thoughts, behaviours and feelings. The aim of treatment is to help provide you with the skills and techniques needed in order to help break the cycle and ultimately manage the way that you feel.

Review session :

I would recommended that we complete treatment with a review of our sessions. This would provide a re-cap of the skills and techniques learnt and importantly, help you to understand the way forward after treatment.

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